Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Beef Stock (Bone Broth)

If you made my Braised Short Ribs with Chipotle Red Wine Sauce, I hope that you reserved the bones. Making broth is so very simple and there are so many uses for it. I am going to use mine to make French Onion Soup! Homemade broth is heads over anything you can buy in a can or a box. Once you see the difference in your homemade soups and sauces you will never want to go back.

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Beef Stock (Bone Broth):
  • Leftover bones and scraps
  • Cold Water
  • Sea Salt to Taste


Place bones and scraps back into the pot that you seared them in (mine is my cast iron pot).

Fill up with cold water.

Bring up to a simmer. Reduce heat to low and then cover.

Let the beef broth simmer as long as possible. I usually do at least 12 hours and sometimes up to 24. The longer it simmers the more rich the broth will be. Here it is after 12 hours (below).

Turn the heat off. Season with Sea Salt to your liking if you wish. I generally do not salt my broth, as I like to have control of the salt content in each soup or sauce I am making. It is up to you. When broth is cool, strain. Place into a jar or container. Place jar into refrigerator for 24 hours.  The fat will rise to the top.

Skim the fat off of the top and discard.

If you do not have plans to use this in the next day or two,  freeze for future use.

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  1. I love bone broth! I usually make it with chicken or turkey, but sometimes I venture into beef. The first time I made it with beef bones, I didn't realize you have to cook them first. It was a disaster!!!!!!

    Next time I have some beef with bones, I will have to try your method. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Please do, Jackie. The depth of flavor that homemade broth will give your soups and sauces is SO worth it.


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