Wednesday, February 2, 2011

100% Whole Spelt Sourdough Loaf

This loaf is so wonderful and easy to make it has become an absolute staple in out household. I got the recipe from this wonderful website called Breadtopia. This man is just the master of sourdough.  In fact, I ordered my starter from him when I first started baking bread. It is a wonderful starter and I have since shared it with several friends, all of us getting wonderful results. My favorite recipe from his site is the Whole Spelt Sourdough. This bread is so delicious, and always a pleaser. I cant seem to get mine to look quite as nice as his, but it is still awfully tasty!

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I encourage you to go to his site and watch the video he made for step by step directions and get ready for the best whole grain sourdough you have ever tasted! I am not going to post the recipe and instructions here, his are so well done that I don't want to duplicate it. I will post my pictures of his great recipe, though! I hope you will try this bread, it is so delicious.

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  1. It is delicious... you make a loaf and in a couple of hours it is all gone !!!

  2. Great inspiration! I am thinking about exploring Sourdough, and that site it a gold mine!

  3. I thought about just posting the recipe with my own step by step, but his is just so well done! Why duplicate something that is so close to perfect! LOL! I hope you will try it. Sourdough is SO yummy, and as you know fermented food is so good for you.

  4. As soon as I work on a new starter, I'm making this!

  5. I love sourdough! This bread and the buns are really the only bread I make, as I am not great at it!


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